Find detailed information at Companies House and HMRC

Can we use our own nominees for any of the companies?
Yes. In fact we encourage it, and we do not charge any extra fees.
Where are the company’s Registered Offices based?
The Registered Offices are based in major cities of the UK. We currently have a choice of six different addresses. Each company receives a unique address and does not share it with another company. For example Company A will be registered at Suite 1001, Company B at Suite 1002, etc.
What documents are provided in a standard incorporation pack?
We can provide a pack of documents on request via email but you are welcome to use your own set of documents at no extra cost. Just email us all your template documents and we will use them for your companies.
Do Limited Partnerships (LPs) have to file accounts?
As long as the LP does not operate within the UK, HMRC does not require any accounts to be filed. However, HMRC can ask to see the financial situation of a company at any time. For this reason we recommended that your LP keeps an internal set of accounts.
Company VAT Registration, how likely are we to get a VAT number?
Though there are no guarantees, if you are willing to answer any additional questions from the VAT Registration Team, the chance of success can be high. We only charge you if your VAT Registration succeeds, so it is absolutely free to try.
Can the Company register for an EORI number?
Once the company is VAT Registered it is quite simple to apply for an EORI number. The process takes about 5 working days and costs £100.
What information do I need to provide for VAT Registration?
What the company plans to use the VAT number for; the more details the better. At minimum you must include:
  • Date the company plans to start trading.
  • Planned turnover in GBP within the EU.
  • Planned turnover in GBP outside the EU.
  • Company’s bank account details (any bank in the world).
When using your nominee services, how much would it cost to have the nominees sign other documents?
The cost of signing documents is included in the price of the nominee service. This is of course within reason. If you need dozens of documents signed, we can work out a rate in each specific case.
How much does it cost to prepare Full Accounts for a Company?
This varies by the number of transactions, the amounts involved etc. A rough guide is between £250 and £950. Send us the bank statement for the accounting period and we will provide an exact quote.
What bank accounts can you offer?
We do not specialise in opening bank accounts for companies. The majority of our clients already have agreements with banks. We will be happy to assist you by introducing you to other companies who specialise in this field.
Can you open a bank account for a Company in the UK?
Currently we do not offer this service due to the complex and costly process. We are developing a simplified and lower-cost alternative. Once this is available we will inform all of our clients.